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Reed Care


  • Soak reeds before playing 

  • Soak reeds after playing, removing saliva will keep your reed playing longer

  • Store reeds in a ventilated reed case

  • Brush teeth before playing

  • Clean reeds weekly with handsoap and water


Contrabassoon Reed Adapting

  • Each and every Contrabassoon is unique and was designed intentionally

  • There is no one reed that will fit every player and every instrument

  • Be aware of the style and character of your instrument

  • Modern reeds are wider and heavier, old style reeds and narrow and light  

  • Bocals also come in different bores, old measure 4mm at the tip new are 5mm                 (this can really change how a reed fits on the bocal)

  • If you find your reed too buzzy or wide, sand the sides to narrow the shape

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