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Reed Shop
King Bassoon Reeds has moved to a new location just outside of San Francisco. More space means more reeds! The orders have been overwhealming and so I have hired on part time reed makers from my studio of students. I have been teaching my students reed making lessons from time to time and now I am comfortble that they can handle certain aspects of reed making. These reed makers are used to harvest cane, clean cane, cut cane, sort cane, gouge and profile cane. These stages are all important in keeping high quality standards but don't require special skills. The beginning few steps of a reed's life is all about measurements. The later stages of reed making are all done by myself: shaping forming, wrapping, finishing and testing. This ensures that only the finest reeds go out to the customers.

If you are ever in northern Caliornia or the San Francisco area, feel free to schedule visit. I also teach reed lessons if you want to increase your reed making skill.

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