Color variation in cane and reeds.

Natural deviation in color is common in the cane that I use. In fresh-cut green cane this shows as purple patches. After drying and aging, these patches are a darker brown than the lighter brown typical of bassoon cane. This is a variation in color only and has no effect on cane quality. This mostly affects the largest sizes of cane, especially contraforte cane.


Extending reed life.

Here are some tips to keep your reeds playing longer and more consistently.

-Dip reeds in water and allow 5 minutes resting in the open air. 

-Soak reeds 5 minutes in water after playing session is over

-Store in ventilated reed case. A well ventilated reed case will not dry reeds when stored inside of a bassoon case. Allow reed to completely dry before storing, or open reed case to air dry later.

Why naked reeds?

These reeds are sealed with a layer of Duco Cement which is air and water tight. Thread wrapping is a holdover of reed making before the advent of modern glues.